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Weddings are a big thing to many people in their lives; it is a joining of two people and a celebration of their love. Weddings can happen in many different countries and cultures all around the world, and if you are a photographer, you need to be aware of the different traditions that some people may have with their weddings. This is written to give would be wedding photographers a new thought on wedding cultures and cultural awareness at weddings that they may need to think about before taking photos at weddings.


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Since there are many different cultural backgrounds when it comes to weddings, it is important that you respect the culture and the wishes of any of the family members. The reason for this is because there may be a certain wedding where you go to where you cannot photograph the bride without the husband present. So it is important understand the culture before you take any photos.


Here are some wedding styles hair styles that you might want to try for your wedding day:


Blow outs


Blow outs refer to the blow drying process after hair has been wet set or air dried. A popular variety of blow outs is the Dominican blow out. Dominican blow outs give you a nice straight hair without using any relaxer. Because blow outs can be hard on hair, it is not recommended that you do this often. Anyway, do not be afraid to try this because its effects are like no other.

Hair Color


It is fun to play with hair color to achieve different hair effects and over all images. However, you need to be careful when dealing with hair color before your wedding. It is highly suggested that you do not go for a full hair color change. You might just opt to have a retouch of your natural hair color. But if you have made up your mind to change your hair color, seek professional help.




Highlights add depth, dimension, not to mention attitude and character to your hair. With the use of foils, highlighting techniques become a venue for unlimited creativity.


Keratin treatments


Keratin treatments are the latest craze in the hair styling industry. Keratin treatments are designed to smooth the unruly and frizzy hair that is hard to style and manage. You may want to do keratin treatments before your wedding to ensure that you have a shiny hair with a smooth finish.


Getting keratin treatments before your wedding can be advantageous in two ways:


one, your hair will be easier to work with in terms of styling, and two, you can just have your hair dry and then walk down the aisle with your super straight, frizz-free hair!


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